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Senator Maggie Hassan (Image: AAP/AP/Charles Krupa)

The Democrats may have survived a disaster — and could still clinch something resembling victory

It’s beginning to look like the Democrats have avoided the worst. But several important seats won’t be known for days.

To the victor the spoils — a potted guide to red v blue in the US midterms

There’s no hiding it: the Democrats are not looking like big winners in today’s elections — but we may not know the numbers for several days.

Dominic Perrottet and Matthew Guy (Image: Private Media)

The Liberal Party faces two paths: moderate Liberalism or Republican extremism

Two states, two political parties, two different futures — how the NSW and Victorian Liberals are on divergent paths.

Liberal Member for North Shore Felicity Wilson (Image: AAP/Bianca De Marchi)

Liberal MP encircled by teals says party will be in for a fight as NSW indies surge in new polling

The Liberal Party takes nothing for granted in Sydney’s north as residents in the area tell pollsters they’re considering voting teal.

Peter Reith (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Vale Peter Reith, a political and ideological warrior the Liberals need more of

The former Liberal minister might be recalled for scandals and crises, but he never lost his zeal for political battle with a purpose.

John Feehan with his dung beetles and the products of their hard work (Images: Supplied/Private Media)

Dung beetles bury the problem as part of the climate solution

Better soil, more carbon retention, less toxic run-off and it’s goodbye to the bushfly. All thanks to a tough little Aussie worker.

Rupert Murdoch (Image: AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Without outside approval, Murdochs won’t hack re-merger of family companies

News Corp’s September quarter filing made it clear the re-merger won’t happen unless independent directors and non-family shareholders approve.

(Image: Zennie/Private Media)

Mental health worker compensation claims set to double by 2030 as workers face burnout

Despite the spike, however, getting a compensation payout isn’t easy, with scores of claims rejected.

The ABC's Louise Milligan and The Australian's Janet Albrechtsen (Image: ABC/Australian)

News Corp, ABC waste precious time and resources over Louise Milligan culture war

The saga between The Australian and the ABC’s Louise Milligan, now finding its way into Senate estimates, is a dreary reminder of what’s wrong with Australian journalism.

Minister for Workplace Relations Tony Burke (Image: AAP/Lucas Coch)

How business is turning the work-power reset into ‘controversy’ — with media help

There are serious fractures and hypocrisies in Australian politics, and the Australian media seems ill-equipped to discuss them meaningfully.

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(Image: Zennie/Private Media)

Industrial relations debate reveals class war, the Oz way

The war of words is so skewed by the interests of business that no one thinks to ask when workers will be able to recoup lost real wages.

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews and the Herald Sun front-page story (Image: AAP/Herald Sun)

How do you spot a News Corp campaign? When a grown-up calls for calm

A columnist for The Australian has put out a reasoned piece criticising conspiratorial reporting about the Victorian premier. Curious timing.

Scott Morrison (Image: ABC)

Morrison’s a hypocrite on secrecy, but attacks on him undermine transparency

Criticising the former prime minister for revealing cabinet information only reinforces the sort of obsessive secrecy he used to protect himself.

Kevin Rudd (Image: AAP/Glenn Hunt)

Queensland Labor backs Rudd push for media diversity probe

At the weekend, the Queensland Labor Party became the third branch to back the idea of a royal commission-style probe into media ownership in Australia.

(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

Anatomy of a conspiracy theory: stairgate and the Republicanisation of Australian conservatism

The conspiracy theories around the 2021 accident of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews have found their way to the front page of the Herald Sun. It might be a first for Australian journalism.

Elon Musk (Image: Private Media)

Elon Musk’s Twitter changes can be explained by this one simple number

There’s been endless attempts to understand Twitter under the Elon Musk regime, but there’s one number that explains his motivations.

(Image: Zennie/Private Media)

Wage arbiter tackles historic and ongoing undervaluation of feminised work in aged care decision

The Fair Work Commission has started the process of lifting aged care wages, but acknowledges there’s a long way to go.

‘Medicalise everything’: how progressives are implementing neoliberalism on health

Is it true individual choice makes no difference? Or is this just another means for capitalism to make us sick and sell us the cure?

NDIS blowout debate masks contribution to economy and our collective ‘humanity’

The NDIS contributes billions to the economy by employing people and supporting those with disabilities to lead full lives. But these figures are rarely discussed.

What to make of XBB and BQ.1, the two new COVID-19 variants in town

‘These variants are a nuisance, but they’re not killing people. At this stage, it’s behaving much better than BA1 and BA2.’

Surge in out-of-pocket costs for mental health services as Australians delay seeking help

Out-of-pocket costs for mental health services increased by 164% in the past eight years, and experts say it means people are putting off seeking help.

(Image: Zennie/Private Media)

A look back at COP26 before pitching forward at COP27

COP26 leaned into four big buzzwords: mitigation, adaptation, finance and collaboration. Are nations on track going into COP27?

Three equally influential figures on the world stage (Images: AAP/Supplied)

Here are the world leaders heading to COP27. But who is Australia sending?

Around 90 world leaders will be heading to COP27 this week. But you’ll notice the list has one notable absentee.

Loose Tooth Rift, Antarctica (Image: European Geosciences Union)

Russia and China are fuelling tension at a frosty summit on Antarctica’s future

With one week of international talks on Antarctica down and one more to go, can member nations reach consensus on key issues in the deep south?

An Adelie penguin colony in Antarctica (Image: Suppled)

PMs in Antarctica: is it time for Albanese to pay a visit to the frozen continent?

If New Zealand is happy to pack off a sitting prime minister to Antarctica, why is Australia cold on the idea?

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